why do we foster and care so much for our foster son?

Foster Carer Fay cares for 'M' who is 11 years-old. Here she explains why she cares...

8 June 2021

Why do we foster and care so much for our foster son?

It could be something as small as the relaxed laughter of a happy child playing football with his foster brothers, or a ‘thank you’ & a look of appreciation when a home cooked meal is well received. It can be something as large as nursing him through discomfort, such as recovery through dental treatment, and in the main, doing all we can to provide as safe and stable a home environment to maximise our foster child’s comfort and happiness.

Seeing a once vulnerable child become secure and happy is what makes it so rewarding. Fostering has allowed us to offer love and security to a child who now feels like a member of our family. Although we may not get ‘feedback’ from our foster son, just seeing him thrive and grow into a happy and confident individual is what motivates us to be his foster parents.

When we look back at what we have managed to achieve in just over a year and the difference we’ve made to a child’s life makes us realise how much we love fostering. Although it can bring its challenges and difficulties at times it also brings a sense of accomplishment.

we care because we know we can make a difference.